Analytics dashboard for Robbie

Robbie AI

RobbieAI assesses and predicts human emotions and behavior with computer vision and wearable technologies to help businesses keep track of customer satisfaction metrics and improve their business operations.

Project overview

Robbie Dashboard would assist businesses to analyze customers' emotional metrics and employees' performance data, and help to make decisions. The objective of this project was to design and develop Robbie Dashboard. I worked as a lead designer on drafting the architecture and product design for this project.

User journey checkpoints

Hospitality and Retail are the two primary business industries catered by Robbie. To understand vital journey checkpoints from these two domains, we tried to map the interaction points for users. It will help us explore the journey and the key performance indicators (KPI) for the business entities.

Key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics that can convert user-experience or business objectives into measurable values that we can analyze and use for computing. These metrics will help us map the experience journey checkpoints to measurable quantities.

Ideation notes

Information Architecture


First iteration

The first iteration helped us visualize the system to explore more thoughts about all the KPI widgets, navigation, and system customization options.

Second iteration

After the first iteration feedback, design changes were proposed, adding functionalities to the first iteration and visual design updates.


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