Wellness experience components for mobile and web


Mindhouse is a wellness and personal health service provider in B2B and B2C space in India. Customers can get free as well as paid services such as online yoga training, wellness education, mindfulness, music, audiobooks, and more through their mobile application.


Project overview

I worked with the Mindhouse team as a UX Designer to define a few new modules for their mobile application and website, and add new functionalities to their existing services. This case study documents the work I did with Mindhouse team.

Live Classes

'Live Classes' is a new category of services started by Mindhouse that (as the name suggests) provides users with live online yoga and fitness sessions on their mobile platform. Users can see ongoing and upcoming live class lists and register using their Mindhouse account. 

I designed the webpage for the 'Live Classes' listing. Website components such as header and footer were out-of-scope in this work as those were part of the existing website.

Sleep music albums

A new type of music collection to Mindhouse for the users who request a sleep assisting feature. It contains music collections specially designed to induce calmness and sleep. We added a dark mode in the app for these screens to function well at night.

Zoom class packs

'Zoom class packs' are curated collections of online sessions, that are categorized based on specific topics and conducted by Mindhouse instructors via the Zoom app.

Users can purchase these packs from this screen. We also added new entry buttons on the home screen to access these new features.

Nutrition program

It's a new addition to the list of Mindhouse services. It plans to provide a list of nutrition services depending on the health conditions and user needs. I worked on creating simple web pages for launching these services over the existing Mindhouse website.